We are a Gospel-centred church passionate about loving God and loving people.


We are a church made up of a wide range of people united together as a family by our belief in and desire to celebrate in and share the truth of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Everything we do is defined and shaped by the Bible, which we consider to be the Word of God.

We are a member church of the Free Church of Scotland, but anybody is welcome to come to Cumbernauld, whether you are looking for a new church, or especially if you have never been to church before.







Every church has a feel, an ethos that goes beyond a mission statement or a set of doctrinal beliefs. 

Above are our four core values. 

As a community of people who are committed to Jesus Christ, we strive to live this out in every area of our lives.

We exist to glorify God by making disciples through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The primary mission of the church is to lead people to faith in Jesus and to form them as disciples of Jesus.​



Rev. Andrew Longwe

Colin MacDonald

Benson Mugyenyi

Neil Longwe


Ian Casey

Andrew Fraser

Roddy Maclennan


Our Story

We are a church who love Jesus Christ. Our lives have been changed by Him. His perfect life, his death in our place on the cross, and his resurrection from death mean that we no longer live in slavery to guilt, shame, or fear. Instead we have a new life of freedom, forgiveness, purpose and hope. As a church, we love to listen to God as He speaks to us through His Word, the Bible. It’s a book that makes sense of our lives here, and shows us how Jesus gives eternal life beyond this world.

We are also a church who love Cumbernauld. It’s our home. Some of us were born and bred here and some of us have moved in, but we all love being part of the town. We know for sure that our lives have added to the brokenness of our community. But we also know what difference Jesus can make to people’s lives. And so we are desperate to tell others about him in Cumbernauld. 

Our Identity

We are a member church of the Free Church of Scotland. This means we are Presbyterian, meaning we have the support and encouragement of a host of other churches who also benefit from partnership with us, we are reformed in theology, which means that we trust the Bible as our supreme authority, being the only way for us to know God through Jesus Christ, and we are also evangelical in that we believe in sharing the story of Jesus Christ, his life, death and resurrection with everyone we know.