Why I am taking part in the National Day of Prayer

One of the big problems of life in 2016 is that we are so short of time. Everything feels such a rush, and it is always a struggle to get things done. And this also means that we so often neglect the things that matter. I do that all the time. Sadly, prayer is often one of the first things to slip off our to-do-lists.

So for me a National Day of Prayer is a wonderful thing. It is a day where time is set aside for what really matters, when we can look at ourselves, look at our lives, look at our nation, and we can turn to the God who cares and who calls us to Himself.

We can never exaggerate how important prayer is. As Eric Alexander writes, “Prayer is fundamental, not supplemental in the life of God’s people.” When we look at our nation we can easily think, “What can we do?” Well, we can do something amazing, something powerful, and something that really makes a difference: we can pray.

The National Day of Prayer provides a wonderful opportunity for us to come together across the country to pray, praise and worship our heavenly Father, and to ask Him that he would pour His blessing out on our churches, homes, our communities, our nation.

Let’s do it!

Thomas Davis