Why I am looking forward to the Free Church National Day of Prayer

I am looking forward to the Free Church National Day of Prayer because it is a great opportunity for us as a denomination. Why? Well, the Bible tells us there is power in prayer. The Bible, also, tells us that our God is a God who responds to the prayers of his people and He responds to the very groans of our being. In Isaiah, we have these genuinely encouraging words "Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear." It is wonderful to know as we gather on the 30th of November that God is ready and willing to respond to His people's prayers.

And isn’t it amazing that even if one did not pray audibly that God still hears the cries of our hearts? So, if you are someone who typically chooses to avoid the prayer meeting - because you don’t like praying in public - I would encourage you to go along to your church on the 30th of November. Go and engage in it with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Go and offer God the cries of your heart.

Ole Hallesby wrote in his book on prayer

"It is not necessary to maintain a conversation when we are in the presence of God. We can come into His presence and rest our weary souls in quiet contemplation of Him. Our groanings, which cannot be uttered, rise to Him and tell Him better than words how dependent we are upon Him."

Hallesby highlights the key need for us in the church: we need to fully dependent on God. I am keenly aware of how dependent I need to be upon God. It is another reason why I am looking forward to the National Day of Prayer because it is a glorious opportunity for the Free Church of Scotland to do what she should do best: depend upon God!

The Free Church National Day of Prayer is also a great opportunity for congregations and individuals to feel connected to one another. It is a great opportunity to bring ourselves collectively before God in prayer. We live in a world where we are more connected to one another through technology and social media. Yet collectively as a culture, we seem to be drifting further and further apart. Add to this that our culture suffers from rampant loneliness, which any cursory look online will reveal. (https://www.theguardian.com/society/series/loneliness-uncovered). Generally, people feel a-disconnect from everything and everyone.

Let us not forget we are all one "in Christ". Therefore, prayer is a huge encouragement to one another. It helps deepen and form the bonds of unity that we enjoy as the body of Christ. Prayer, also, fastens us towards each other and towards our other church communities; and to those who live in our communities and need Jesus.

So I am looking forward to the Free Church National Day of Prayer because it is a wonderful opportunity for us to pray together. I would urge everyone in the Free Church to seize the wonderful opportunity.