Why I am looking forward to the National Day of Prayer

Recently I read something about Martin Luther that immediately convicted me. One morning he said ‘I have so much to do today that I need to spend two hours in prayer instead of just one’. Far too often my default position is that the more I have to do, the less time I give to prayer. Then I wonder why I don’t get through my list of chores. In my head I know that prayer is the most important thing. The Bible says it. The best theologians say it. Sometimes my sermons say it. But to make time to pray - that has to be worked at, nurtured and guarded. That is why I think the Day of Prayer is such a helpful thing: it reminds us to calibrate our time and prioritise our duties, reminding us that the most important thing is to be dependent on God as individuals, congregations and churches. I hope that many people will take advantage of this provision in our church calendar to spend time individually and corporately praying to God, confessing our sins and seeking his face anew.