Why I am taking part in the National Day of Prayer?

We live life in the fast lane and hardly pause for breath, never mind reflection. Samuel Chadwick, the Puritan preacher of the late 19th and early 20th century, was so close to the truth when he said, ‘hurry is the death of prayer.’ A day of prayer gives me an opportunity to stop in a layby and reflect on the course of my life and the state of the world in which we live. Such reflection drives home the point that the more we live out our lives, at whatever level, without God, the more chaotic our world gets; it helps me to appreciate that, amid the chaos, we all need the help that only God can give; it reminds me of the preciousness of the life-line of prayer. ‘Prayer is the rope that pulls God and man together,’ said Billy Graham. I need that prayer-encounter with God to make me a better person; I need to know more of God’s love, His compassion, His forgiveness, and His wisdom for everyday living. We need the same prayer-encounter with God as the Church of Christ in the world to give us the freshness of God’s love, a renewed devotion to Him, and the beauty of Christ-likeness with which to engage the world around us with the good news of Jesus. And we certainly need this prayer-encounter with God for the broken world in which we live, a world crying out for peace, and a world searching for solutions to the complex issues we face in society where God is increasingly absent. As Franklin Graham said, prayer unleashes the spiritual dynamite that obliterates darkness and despair, and our need of such power is great. I need that! The Church needs that! The world needs that! And that’s why I am supporting NDOP. Let’s do it together and God will make the difference!