Why I am taking part in the National Day of Prayer

'The national day of prayer is so much more than a day of spiritual activities. It is a recognition, first of all, that we have a big God! The bible refers to him as 'a consuming fire', 'a holy God'. He is one who is powerful and able to do all things. By coming to him in prayer we also acknowledge our need for him. We in Scotland are in a spiritual wasteland. Generally, churches are in decline and society is becoming more and more secularized. IF there was ever a time that we needed God to move amongst us, it is now.

While acknowledging Scotland's spiritual decline we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that we live in a time of great opportunity. Scotland's churches might be declining, Scotland might be increasingly secularized yet people are hungry for the truth. The reality is that the church has the truth. We have the message of good news and hope. This is why prayer is so vital and why I am so excited about this national day of prayer. Although we have the right message we require God to both wake his people up and to deliver that message to the hearts of the lost.

The second reason the national day of prayer is so much more than one day of activities is that it should both motivate us to pray more and help us to cultivate a meaningful culture of prayer. The national day of prayer is a great idea, not only because prayer is vital but also because it will hopefully stimulate us to pray more often and develop a culture of prayer. I am looking forward to the national day of prayer for the reasons I've given above and because I will be participating as one amongst many. Nothing is better for the soul than to know that we are part of something special.'