Why I am taking part in the National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer which our General Assembly has called for on 30th November may be the most significant activity any of us will be involved in this year. We often pay lip service to the importance of prayer but it really is the most vital part of the Christian's and hence the church's work. In prayer we are recongnising our helplessness to do anything on our own. In prayer we are giving God the glory for we are acknowleding his sovereignty in mission and renewal.

We are living in difficult and dark days in Scotland but we are not without hope. Our God is on the throne and when he moves in blessing he first sets his people praying. United, passionate, desperate prayer is the great need of our day. We have in this national day of prayer a great opportunity to ask God that he might revive his church, grant unity amongst God's people and bring a new , God glorifying fruitfulness to the preaching of the Word of God. Let us mean business and seek the Lord with prayer and fasting.